Alison Pennells is a scriptwriter, playwright, novelist and script consultant from Leeds

Alison Pennells Female Script Consultant

Female Script Consultant Alison Pennells

Alison has worked with writers of all levels of experience across her career – helping to develop writers and shape, improve and rewrite (if needed) their work.

Alison has also worked as a script consultant on various TV and feature film projects.

She was also a reader for ITV and Granada and helped assess new material for the broadcaster.

Alison offers a comprehensive ‘script report and script coverage service’ which is aimed at writers of all levels of experience – and she specialises in working with female scriptwriters, or offering male writers a female perspective on their work.

You can contact Alison to enquire about her script coverage service on

Female Script Consultant Fees

Fees for this service are listed below:

  • Short film script report: £50
  • Hour length TV drama / sitcom report: £80
  • Feature length (120 pages or under) £120
  • Rewrite charges (quote on request).

Turnaround of script reports / coverage is usually under two weeks.