Alison Pennells is a scriptwriter, playwright, novelist and script consultant from Leeds

Alison Pennells is a scriptwriter, playwright, novelist, female script consultant and producer from Leeds.

Emmerdale – written by Alison Pennells


Alison was a core scriptwriter on Emmerdale and The Royal Today.  Alison wrote 20+ episodes of Emmerdale and worked as a storyline writer on the show during its most successful period.

Me Head’s A Shed – written by Alison Pennells

Award Winning Short films

Her short film ‘Me Head’s a Shed’ was winner of The Yorkshire Short film award.

Blue – written by Alison Pennells

Alison’s second short film ‘Blue’ received funding and support from Screen Yorkshire.

Female Script Consultant

Alison has worked as a female script consultant on innovative projects like the online streaming show ‘Dylan Ogden’ and the low budget feature film ‘Markham’ – which she also helped to produce.

‘Dylan Ogden’ script consultant Alison Pennells
‘Markham’ producer Alison Pennells