Alison Pennells is a scriptwriter, playwright, novelist and script consultant from Leeds

As a female script consultant I’ve written two or three short films (one was an award winner and festival favourite). I’ve also written feature film scripts and of course worked on the core writing teams of Emmerdale and the Royal Today – but I’ve also done theatre with my play ‘Dirty Laundry’ – which had a successful run all across the UK and raised a lot of money for cancer charities.

A lot of female script consultant’s only work on TV or film scripts.  One of the things that sets me apart is that I can give feedback on theatre plays – and even musical theatre scripts.

Female Script Consultant Theatre Play Feedback and Reports

Theatre and TV scripts are different animals when it comes to staging and performance – but what they do have in common is the basics of all drama:

  • Story / Plot
  • Characters
  • Dialogue

And these building blocks are the same in theatre scripts and TV scripts.   You need fully formed living and breathing characters, an interesting and well told story – and when the characters in the play speak – it needs to be well written and compelling dialogue.

Theatre plays – also like film and TV – need to SHOW and not TELL.  

So, if you got a theatre script that you need feedback on – contact me for help. My prices are below:

Female Script Consultant Fees

Fees for this service are listed below:

  • Short film script report: £50
  • Hour length TV drama / sitcom report: £80
  • Feature length (120 pages or under) £120
  • Rewrite charges (quote on request).

Turnaround of script reports / coverage is usually under two weeks.

Alison Pennells is a scriptwriter, playwright, novelist, female script consultant and producer from Leeds. Alison was a core scriptwriter on Emmerdale and The Royal Today. Her short film ‘Me Head’s a Shed’ was winner of The Yorkshire Short film award. Her play ‘Dirty Laundry’ has been a huge success and raised much needed funds for cancer charities across the UK. In recent years Alison has worked as a female script consultant and producer on three feature films. Alison is married, has a daughter, three doggies and no cats (at the moment).

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